Fresh charges against five people relating to a woman found bound and gagged on the side of an Auckland road paint a disturbing picture of "horrendous" offending.

Court documents now allege the victim was viciously attacked on two occasions across three dates in April and May.

The victim, who has automatic name suppression, was found on the side of a road in Dome Valley on May 8.

She was bound and gagged, and had critical head injuries.


Three women and two men, have since been charged with a range of offences and appeared at the North Shore District Court. The two men are aged 38 and 33, the women are aged 28, 42 and 29. All five were granted name suppression until next month.

The 29-year-old woman and 33-year-old man appeared in court yesterday where the judge described the crimes as "horrendous".

He said they were " ... nasty, serious allegations of grievous criminal conduct". Charges included attempted murder, sexual violation, assault, kidnapping and stealing the victim's car. The charges also included assaults with weapons including a Taser, and assault by cutting the victim's hair.

The charges were: -28-year-old-female: Attempted murder, robbing victim of car, assault (three charges), sexual violation, kidnapping.

-29-year-old-female: Kidnapping, assault, sexual violation.

-42-year-old-female: Attempted murder, robbing victim of a car, sexual violation, assault (two charges), kidnapping.

-33-year-old man: Robbing victim of car, assault (two charges).

-38-year-old man: Attempted murder, sexual violation, assault (two charges), kidnapping. All five remain in custody.