I read with fascination the article featuring Chiria Gould. What an amazing lady.
She has achieved so much in her life, contributing a valuable share to the story of Rotorua. Sadly I believe we will see less of her ilk in future.
The smaller businesses are gradually closing and their replacements have little personal interest in the area.
But Chiria Gould has left her mark, and her family and Rotorua should be proud of her.

I would like to pass on my praise and appreciation to those who man the stop/go signs on the corner of Iles and Te Ngae Rds.
When this work started I thought it was going to be an absolute nightmare crossing into Iles Rd from Te Ngae Rd and also turning left onto Te Ngae Rd from Iles Rd. Quite the contrary.
These people keep the traffic flowing and really carry out a fantastic job. Thank you to all of you manning the lollipop signs.

Te Arawa Trust's planned building on Lake Rd overlooking our lake is truly an inspiration and, I venture to predict, will become an icon building of Rotorua.
The architecture speaks of strong links to our lakes environs and Te Arawa 's care of its taonga.
Having our local regional council become tenants, overlooking the lake for which they have responsibility, is a stroke of genius.
Congratulation Te Arawa and thank you for your foresight.