When we arrived at dancing on Monday, anticipation was in the air as we listened intently while Shelley and Jan announced who we would be dancing with.

When I heard I was with Brent Park I thought, ah well at least I'll be able to keep up ... (just kidding Brent, we're gonna smash it).

Everyone else seemed happy with their pairs, there were even a few high fives.

Shelley and Troy, who have become a permanent part of the coaching team, then showed us a few routines they thought we might like.


Then something happened that has never happened before, the room split and became quiet.

There were whispers and I may have even told Justin Nichols, volunteer firefighter, he couldn't watch the routine me and Brent were viewing on YouTube. Sorry Justin, but this just got real.

Since the first practice we have learned the steps for the jive, the waltz, the fox trot, and the cha cha, and we have been doing this with a variety of different partners. My favourite pair was Brodie Fowler and Justin Nichols, I'm sure they would have won.

But, at this moment in time we now have to take the small taste we have had and pick which dance we want to perfect.

The competition is on folks, I hope you're ready to join us!

- If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, head to www.givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/kyradawsondwrs.

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