Noise reduction work is all but complete at the Lumbercube mill site, but residents of Rotorua's east side are divided on whether the work has done a lot of good.

Lumbercube began operation in late September when Rotorua-based Pedersen Group bought the site after the old Tachikawa mill went into receivership in October 2013.

Since opening, the Rotorua Lakes Council has received a total of 595 noise complaints relating to the mill's operation and mill owners have spent about $1.5 million to reduce the noise.

Owhatiura Dr resident Jeff Anderson said in the last month he had heard almost nothing from the site.


"At first the noise was quite confusing and was coming from two places, Lumbercube and the new development across the road.

"Those guys have had a hard time from people and need to be given credit for what they have done. It's an industrial site and they are providing much-needed employment for a lot of locals," he said.

Waitawa Pl resident Yvonne Mawson said things had improved, but could still be better. "We thought they were doing their best and we have given them plenty of time to sort it out. It's better than it was, but it's still not all that good, we can still hear the banging and crashing," she said.

A spokeswoman from the Facebook group Eastside Residents Action Group Rotorua, set up to discuss concerns with noise at the mill, said she had not had time to set up a meeting of the group and was waiting on more information from the council.

No complaints have been made on the Facebook site since March 9.

The council's compliance solutions manager Neven Hill said staff and deputy mayor Dave Donaldson met with Lumbercube management on Friday and council staff were monitoring progress at the site.

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"The noise remediation works have been substantially completed with some minor works to be finished," Mr Hill said.

"Lumbercube is operating under the provisions of the proposed Rotorua District Plan. The remedial works are designed to achieve compliance with the District Plan noise requirements when completed."

Mr Donaldson said from his briefing with Lumbercube management he understood final noise level testing was yet to be done.

"They have completed the work that was recommended by sound engineers.

"That work will be peer-reviewed by other reputed sound engineers and I've been told by our staff they have engaged the best in the business to see if anything has been missed."

He said once final testing had been completed a report would be made to councillors.

"I have toured the site and they have gone to extensive lengths to comply with noise levels set out in the District Plan.

"They have been fully transparent about this process and I fully appreciate that."

Pedersen Group chief operating officer Gavin Hudson said work to reduce noise was all but complete.

"It's cost us a lot of money in a very short time and we have seen a massive reduction in the noise. The next part of the process is incredibly scientific, but they are all saying they are happy with it.

"The peer review is purely standard practice, but this could take one or two more weeks."

Complaints file:

* 137 complaints from late September to December 5

* 39 complaints December 6 to January 13

* 244 complaints January 14 to February 14

* 175 complaints February 15 to March 9

* 595 complaints in total