Fourteen large-framed prints of early Rotorua will grace the Rotorua Lakes Council galleria for the next three months.

The latest exhibition will match historic pictures with modern prints showing the changes that have occurred over the years.

The display, the third in the revamped Civic Centre Galleria, is called Our Town - from plates to pixels - a portrait of change and is the brainchild of council community arts advisor Marc Spijkerbosch.

It replaces the exhibition which featured The Ancient Arts of China, which was a collection of official gifts and artworks the council received from Chinese delegations, associations and visiting dignitaries over the years.


The first, Large vs Small, opened early last year and featured works from five local artists: Debbie Thyn, Martyn Evans, Kristina Joyce, Bridget Thornton and Sarah Zeissen.

The 14 old prints on display are from the Rotorua Museum collection.

Rotorua mayor Steve Chadwick said it provided a wonderful connection between the council, the arts and wider community.

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