A particularly mild day in November was the only record-breaking day last year, according to Niwa's annual climate summary.

Rotorua only managed to break the one record in 2015, with November 28 recording the highest minimum temperature for a November day since records began in 1972.

The day recorded a minimum temperature of 17C.

The rainfall recorded at Rotorua Aeroclub was 1063mm for the year while the mean temperature was 12.8C.


Further south, Turangi broke a number of its records last year - including being the sunniest year on record.

It was also one of four locations across the country which observed record low mean temperatures.

In May, the township recorded its lowest daily minimum temperature with -5.9C on May 29, and the lowest daily minimum for November with -3.7C.

Records for those began in 1968.

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