Local face about town Kiri Danielle is set to be splashed all over our TV screens and national magazines in the run-up to the launch of her series.

Ms Danielle is the new face of Sky TV's The Garden Pantry, a show focused on learning how to live off the land and be self-sufficient.

The programme's first episode will air on November 16 on Sky TV's The Living Channel.

She said she hoped the show would help to teach people how to feed themselves and their families for nothing.


"It's really about back to basics living, it's a wonderful skill to have, especially with the way the economy, work and food situation is at the moment."

Ms Danielle said she was learning really neat stuff and was starting to apply this to her own home garden.

"I get to learn about the basics of soil, your best vegetables to have in your garden and how to make and preserve your food. I've planted loads of plants and seen heaps of different gardens, from all over the country, even some here in Rotorua.

"It's great to see families here feeding their whanau from their own gardens, it's really encouraging for locals to see what you can grow from the climate here in Rotorua."

She said the Government Gardens and nursery was featured many times on the show.

"The garden is a treasure the city can be proud of, it's helped us win the Keep New Zealand Beautiful - Most Beautiful City award five times now. I feel really good about doing a show that has the potential to help many people, as it has helped me. We need to start appreciating our papatuanuku [earth] and learning how to look after it ..."

Ms Danielle said they were looking at filming a second series in early 2013.