Whangarei's Christian Renewal School A Team can say they know how to warm-up like Temepara Bailey does.

The team of young netballers were put through their paces at the ANZ Netball Roadshow by Bailey (formerly George) after winning the chance to warm-up with the netball star.

Co-captain Monique Ennis, 15, said the team learned a lot from the experience on Saturday.

"She gave us a tip: con, not cover. So when you're trying to intercept the ball, wait, don't just stand in front of [your opponent]," Ennis said. "We were saying it on the court 'con, not cover' and we won all our games. It was really cool."


She added the younger players especially were excited for the warm-up with Temepara.

"It was cute. They were all smiling and they couldn't stop. She's an amazing netballer and we all loved it. We were given packs with drink bottles which Temepara signed, and we're all going to bring them to school on Monday."

The team are a mix of Years 11 and 9 and coach Elise Jordan said the older players earned their place in a higher grade but dropped down so the younger players could join in.

"For the first time ever we have older siblings playing with their younger sisters, and I am so proud of them the way they have done this without fuss," Jordan commented.

As part of the Roadshow, all netballers were encouraged to test their skills in a series of challenges and have their photo taken with Bailey.