As Dannevirke woman Donna Holm's hair disappeared at a fast clip last week, her thoughts turned to loved ones she'd lost from cancer.

Donna, a staff member at First Years Preschool, shaved her hair to raise money to help find a cure for cancer with proud family, friends, staff and littlies watching on last Wednesday.

"I've a passion for finding a cure for cancer," she told the Dannevirke News. "I've lost a lot of important people in my life from cancer and I've gone through the struggle with survivors as well."

Donna's partner Chris Mason said that during the week Donna had been "a bit nervous and worried".


"It's scary," he said as he and the couple's two sons, Blende and Carson, watched hairdresser Tracey Stewart begin shaving Donna's hair.

"What have I done?" Donna said.

But for one of the young children at First Years Preschool, Donna's look was a winner. "You look cool as," young William said.

Staff agreed.

"She's amazing and looks awesome," they said.

For Donna, there was a feeling of freedom as her hair fell to the ground.

"I feel proud too," she said.

"I'm lucky, this is such an amazing community who have got in behind the cause."

And while Donna's mum Malina Holm was extremely proud, there were a few tears as well.

"It's emotional," she said. "But I'll go home to do my crying and hopefully one day they will find a cure for cancer because it's horrible."

Donna's father, Robbie Holm, however, was looking forward to his daughter's new look.

"He's bald and said it's so good because he's always wanted a 'mini me'," Mrs Holm said.