Tauranga boxer Jonathan Taylor continued his impressive recent form with a hard fought victory over Auckland's Sika Ulanga at the Clash of the Corporates 5 fight night at QE11 Stadium on Saturday night.

The judges called it a unanimous decision after four hectic, three-minute rounds for the 30-year-old super middleweight who now has a four-win, three-loss record from his seven pro bouts.

Taylor's higher work rate and aggression were the main difference.

Taylor was focused on a potential career-changing bout against the well-performed boxer and martial arts exponent Jordan Tai in Auckland on November 12.


Up for grabs were the NZPBA super middleweight and IBO super middleweight belts.

Chris Walker from TGABox trained Taylor and said it was a big fight against Tai for the belts.

"It will be televised so there is a lot incentive for him. He is underestimated and has a very hard punch. If he lands he does some serious damage," Walker said.

"It is just a matter of getting him to box first."

Before Taylor walked to the ring on Saturday night there were 14 amateur bouts on the corporate card.

The boxers had all undergone a six-week boot camp under the guidance of the TgaBox trainers and were all evenly matched.

Walker said it "was a great, entertaining night, all boxers gave it everything with a good crowd and atmosphere".

"Fights worth mentioning were M Casy up against K Adlington in non-stop action with both trading big shots.

"A Feltham against A Scott was another barn burner with both women leaving everything in the ring."

Clash of the Corporates 5 results:

Bout 1 R Samuels beat W Parsons 2. M Casey lost to K Adlington 3. K Dickson lost to K Humphreys. 4. Ernesto Morosini beat L Glucina. 5. A Adlington beat N Aldridge. 6. S Curtis lost to H Lacy 7. K Simpson beat C Parker. 8. D O'Callaghan drew with D Day 9. A Feltham beat A Scott 10. J Upton beat J Willis 11. E Berry beat M Puru 12. L Higgens Steiner lost to T King 13. S Willis beat K Farquhar 14. L Rahui lost to A Gate.