A teenage Youtube sensation has teamed up with the Bay of Plenty police to encourage other young people to stay safe and make the right choices.

The choices made by 17-year-old Jamie Curry have led to her becoming a worldwide internet sensation. She has a Facebook following of 6.6 million people and her Jamie's World You Tube videos for which she has become renowned have been known to attract over a million views.

During a four minute You Tube video the Napier teenager claims she would rather be uncool than unsafe and uses two drink-driving skits to demonstrate that it is OK to say 'no' in situations that can put you at risk.

Her reasons for helping to deliver the message are simple.
"I just think it's really important that I try and do my part in helping people my age to
stay safe. It's so sad when you hear about kids from other schools that have died from something that could have been prevented."


Prevention Manager, Inspector Scott Fraser said it was important for police to consider their audience and look for creative ways and creative people to help us deliver messages.

"Jamie is without doubt a leader among teenagers and she has struck us as someone who will think about consequences and not bow to peer pressures or stereotypes.

"It was great to find out that she believes in what we are trying to achieve and was willing to use her influence to help others.

"She is highly respected by young people for her humorous and honest take on life as a teenager, and we hope that respect will translate into more teenagers staying safe this summer."