A US man is facing drug charges after police say he told them he was attempting to create a healthy meth substance with acai berries inside a meth lab in his garage, although a search of the garage did not turn up any methamphetamine.

Colorado man Craig William Rogers, 49, was arrested on suspicion of controlled substance possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful distribution, manufacturing and dispensing of a controlled substance, Longmont Times-Call reported. He was released Wednesday on a US$15,000 ($16,193) bond.

Longmont police officers said they received a tip, including pictures of the meth lab on Tuesday.

Rogers was seen leaving the home in a pickup truck on Tuesday afternoon and was stopped. He acknowledged that he had meth inside a pipe in the centre console of the truck, police said.


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Rogers also told officers he was making a "healthy meth substance" at his home, because there were acai berries in it, according to an affidavit. Booking documents do not indicate if Rogers has an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

Investigators found a "berry-like substance" inside the lab, Longmont Deputy Chief Jeff Satur said, adding that there is no possible way to make healthy methamphetamine.

"No amount of meth is safe, whether it has a berry in it or not," Satur said. "It's a highly addictive, life-destroying drug."

Investigators said no meth was found inside the garage but believe Rogers had the tools to make up to an ounce of meth a day. Satur said police will test the duplex where Rogers was living for meth contamination.

Rogers is scheduled for a formal filing of charges Friday in Boulder District Court.