A Las Vegas woman has sued the Transportation Security Administration after she says they made her strip down in Oklahoma before a flight back to Nevada, KTNV reports.

The TV station reports that Rhonda Mengert says in her lawsuit she was travelling through Tulsa International Airport on Mother's Day when an implant in her hip set off the metal detector.

Mengert says she agreed to be pat down by a TSA agent. During the search, the agent found a "common feminine hygiene product" that she was wearing underneath her clothes.

Mengert tells KNTV that TSA agents then took her to a private room and asked her to strip down and expose her genitals. The lawsuit says they then instructed her to remove the feminine hygiene product.

Rhonda Mengert. Photo / Facebook
Rhonda Mengert. Photo / Facebook

After initially refusing, Mengert eventually complied and removed her garments while exposing her genitals to the agents.

After she "satisfied the screeners request" and proved that she wasn't carrying any prohibited items, Mengert had to ask four times if she could leave before she was allowed.

In the complaint, Mengert's lawyer stated that the woman suffered emotional distress during and after the event.

"In particular, during the incident, Mengert experienced racing heart, shortness of breath, uncontrollable shaking, nausea, and panic," the complaint states.

Mengert explained to Las Vegas Now that she was stunned by the whole ordeal.

"I was accosted. I had no personal ability to protect myself against them; they took it away," Mengert said. "It's gone too far. It's overreach. It's too much."

The grandmother added on Facebook: "I want to advocate for changes in policies, procedures, training and oversight of TSA Checkpoint procedures."

Are you brave enough to share my story and become part of the solution? No person should be humiliated, degraded or...

Posted by Rhonda Baker Mengert on Thursday, 6 June 2019