The mother of a two-year-old boy who went missing on a remote Queensland property this week has posted a heartbreaking tribute to her son, saying "I love you to the moon and back."

Natasha Scott shared two pictures of her son, Ruben Scott, on Friday, writing: "These are the very last photos and memories I'll ever have of you my son. I love you so incredibly much and I'll always have you in my heart," on Facebook.

"I never ever thought I'd have to make a status like this in my entire life, but this is what it's came to and I have to come to the realisation that you'll never be in my arms again. The love I have for you is completely unconditional and always will be," she said.

Ruben Scott, 2, went missing on a Queensland station on Tuesday. Photo / Facebook
Ruben Scott, 2, went missing on a Queensland station on Tuesday. Photo / Facebook

"I hope you'll be watching over me up there, I'll forever need your guidance. Fly high my son, I love you to the moon and back. I wish I could've outlived you. You'll be my forever and always."


Earlier on Friday police divers found a body believed to be the two-year-old boy, who went missing from a remote cattle station in Queensland on Tuesday.

Divers retrieved the body from a large dam near the homestead on Queensland's Cape York Peninsula.

"Our thoughts go out to Ruben's family, friends and the communities of Maramie and Kowanyama, as well as everyone involved in the search during this difficult time," Queensland Police said in a statement.

"Chief Superintendent Brian Huxley expressed his condolences to the family and his gratitude for all involved in the search."

Natasha Scott shared the last photos and memories she has of her son Ruben. Photo / Facebook
Natasha Scott shared the last photos and memories she has of her son Ruben. Photo / Facebook

The post on Facebook was flooded with well wishes, with friends and family sending condolences for the tragic news.

Police will now prepare a report for the Coroner. Earlier on Friday, paediatric experts counselled the family that the likelihood of the two-year-old surviving two days in the harsh conditions had passed.

"It's with regret that last night I had to sit with the family and advise them that the survivability of their son and grandson has now passed," Cape Patrol Inspector Mark Henderson said.

"That won't stop our efforts, we've had some 1700 square kilometres, 450,000 square acres to search. It's been a very hard task and we've given it our best.


"But paediatric experts now tell us that survivability has passed."

Helicopters, heat-seeking drones and crews scouring bushland on foot, horseback and motorbikes were all involved in the search.

Mr Henderson said search crews were determined to find the little boy, but with two nights having passed, the search was becoming desperate.

"I guess it is coming to that time where the fears that we have for this young fellow start to become grave," he said yesterday.

Natasha Scott with son Ruben Scott. Photo / Facebook
Natasha Scott with son Ruben Scott. Photo / Facebook

The search team included concerned neighbours.

The cattle station backs onto a lagoon and the Mitchell River, east of Kowanyama, on the western side of Cape York Peninsula. It is a known crocodile habitat.

Ruben's mother Natasha Scott said she last saw her son about 5.45pm on Tuesday. In a social media post before the body was found, she said she was doing her best to hold herself together.

"I have every person that can help helping to find him. I understand all you guys are shocked and worried but please, try to hold back from messaging me," she wrote on Facebook.

"I'm trying to organise heaps of things to help find him and am trying to hold myself together. I thank and appreciate all you guys are doing for us, the shares help."