An Islamic school teacher in Australia found his SUV covered in rubbish after leaving work last week.

The man, who teaches in Sydney, came home to find bags of rubbish on top of his white car as well as sanitary pads on the door handles and his wheels stuffed with trash.

The car owner and community were shaken.

"Even to go to the disgusting point of pushing used sanitary pads into the door handles of his car," an anonymous source told Daily Mail Australia.


According to the unnamed source, they believe the attacker is likely to be a local with "anti-Muslim" feelings.

They said they were disappointed to see a teacher being discriminated against for their cultural beliefs.

Police were called to the incident but no charges have been laid.

Viewers on social media have slammed the culprit's actions with many saying it shines a light on the underlying attitudes of our communities.

"Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. This is why wars will never end cause people just will never except we are all different and we should all live together in harmony," one person said.

"Yes we may not all get along doesn't mean keep abusing each other just cause someone with an IQ of an lamp post has done it."

Another wrote: "There seems to be discomfort and hate bubbling away under the surface that we don't often talk about. Attacks like this just show our society's mentality is toxic."