Queensland police have issued a warning after flooding from ex-tropical Cyclone Owen has led crocodiles wandering onto roads.

Police released footage showing a crocodile sitting in the middle of the road as they drive through torrential rain in north Queensland.

"With North Queensland well known 'croc country', police near Tully came across a crocodile sitting near the middle of the road last night," a statement on the Queensland Police Facebook page said.

"Officers fortunately were able to avoid the animal however with heavy rains still falling from ex-tropical cyclone Owen, wildlife can be expected to be displaced and may wander onto roadways."


Cyclone Owen struck land on Saturday causing flash flooding for the region.

The storm then weakened as it passed near the Gulf of Carpentaria over the weekend but the Bureau of Meteorology said there was a low change it could re-form into a tropical cyclone on Tuesday.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said large reptiles had been spotted in the floodwater and urged caution, AAP reports.

"There are a lot of crocodiles that are being sighted at the moment so be careful on the roads and please don't go near the crocodiles," she said.

One woman was rescued from floodwater on Saturday night after a crocodile was spotted near her.