A security camera captured the sickening moment a stranger pushed a man onto the road in front of an oncoming truck in downtown Los Angeles.

The footage shows a man wearing a lime green jumper sitting out the front of a restaurant at around 10am on Wednesday.

As a man walks down the path in front of him he jumps up and pushes him onto the road in a shocking unprovoked attack, reports news.com.au.

The victim is sent flying onto the road right under the wheel of a huge truck.


The attacker appears to pick something off the sidewalk before walking away as the man struggles beneath the wheel of the vehicle.

The truck was able to reverse off the victim, who witnesses said appeared to be in his 60s, but he was left with critical injuries.

He was left with a collapsed lung and multiple broken bones as a result of the horrific attack.

The attacker was eventually tracked down after local news outlet ABC7 aired the footage and a group of firefighters recognised the man.

They had spotted him less than an hour after the attack and called the police to report the sighting.

"It was definitely the bright neon rain jacket and the baggy pants, and just the demeanour the guy had," firefighter Austen Johnson told the outlet.

The man was arrested by police a short time later, with police reportedly saying he had no identification and describing him as combative.

The suspect is reportedly known to local police and is facing attempted murder charges.