As the victims of a horrific crash lay dying on the road, a group of bystanders gathered around — but instead of helping they started taking videos and selfies in front of the bloody scene.

The three men, aged between 25 and 30, were riding a motorcycle in Rajasthan, India when they were hit by a school bus.

A group of onlookers gathered at the scene but not one person attempted to administer first aid to the victims, who were all labourers at a concrete factory.

One of the men died instantly but the other two writhed in agony for nearly 30 minutes as the group snapped pictures of their dying moments, according to The Telegraph India.


Photos and videos of the horrific incident circulated on social media, with one clip showing the injured men lying in pools of blood and begging for help as about a dozen men stand around them.

The victims were later identified as Parmanand, Gemra Ram and Chandra Prakash.

Local police have condemned the behaviour of the men saying no attempts were made to help the victims or transport them to hospital.

When emergency services finally did arrive the two men who were still alive, Gemra Ram and Chandra Prakash, were taken to hospital.

Unfortunately both men succumbed to their injuries, with one man dying on the way and the other later in hospital.

Police said that if help had been called sooner, the two could have survived.

"They lay unattended for nearly half an hour. One died on the spot, another in a hospital and the third on way to Jodhpur from Barmer," local police officer Manohar told the publication.

"It was against humanity. Those who were present should have helped them but instead one of them was busy taking a selfie video."

People on Twitter lashed out at the bystanders and called for them to be held responsible for their cruel actions.