A grandma who killed her son-in-law after he barred her from his daughter's spelling bee told cops she has no remorse in a videotaped confession.

Jurors have seen the video which shows Cynthia Cdebaca, 65, raising her arms and celebrating the shooting death of Geoward Eustaquio, 53.

Cdebaca shot Eustaquio dead on the morning of February 11, 2014, in San Diego. She shot him at least 10 times, even reloading while he tried to escape back inside the house.

On the morning of the shooting, Cdebaca told police that she and her son-in-law had an argument.


"I got dressed and he said, 'you can't go like that'. He told me 'you look ghetto'," she told police.

So Cdebaca grabbed a .38-calibre, five-shot revolver, and started firing at him.

"I shot him 10 times then he went inside the house and locked the door," said Cdebaca.

Once he was inside, she said that she continued to shoot him through the door.

"Did you check on him after you shot him?" asked detectives.

"I didn't care," answered Cdebaca. "I would do it again."

Cdebaca said she and her family had suffered abuse from Eustaquio.

"So mean to me, to all of them. Yes he is," said Cdebaca. "They were afraid of him, yes. So mean to my daughter. I told her 13 years ago, he's evil."

Eustaquio's adult son's Jordan and Keanu said their dad was very strict but ultimately fair.

"My dad was hard on us because he wanted us to do good," Keanu told NBC. "When we were slacking, he would get on us. That's what any dad would do."

"I'm not really sure how she's feeling," Jordan said, referring to Cdebaca. "She put on a good facade for years now. This is a shock to us."

"We've been there for her since the get go. I've grown up with her and we're all family. Doing something like this, especially, not really too sure of the details yet but it seems like she's been plotting this for awhile," he said.

Police believe that Cdebaca had been planning the shooting for at least two weeks.

Cdebaca's family hugged her as she was taken to jail.

However as Cdebaca wanted to hug her youngest granddaughter, the girl refused, saying: "No, you killed my dad."