Hillary Clinton's collapse at a 9/11 ceremony in New York made global headlines and fuelled rumours about her health.

But more bizarrely, it also fuelled a conspiracy theory or two with one claiming the Democratic Presidential candidate is using a body double.

Footage of her collapse shows the 68-year-old being held up by aides and secret service agents before losing her footing and getting into a waiting car.

She was later taken to her daughter Chelsea's apartment to recover with her team confirming the presidential hopeful was suffering from pneumonia.


Soon after, Clinton was seen pictured and waving to reporters as she left, insisting she felt great.

It also emerged that Clinton's team deliberately avoided the emergency room in a bid to conceal details of her medical treatment.

According to the New York Post, Clinton was heading to hospital following the collapse but detoured to her daughter's house instead.

The most was designed so Clinton wouldn't be seen by medical workers who could leak details to reporters a source told The Post.

Some speculated Clinton was looking too good despite being so well.

Other commented that she was pictured without Secret Service agents and even appeared thinner in some shots.

However, one Twitter user highlighted the Secret Service agents were there, just cropped out of the frame.

There was even speculation the body double could have been Clinton impersonator Teresa Barnwell.

Either way, it didn't take long for the conspiracy theorists to speculate that Clinton's quick recovery was all down to a body double.

Twitter was quick to react and the #ClintonsBodyDouble soon began trending.

It seems the body double speculation wasn't the only conspiracy theory to emerge out of the event.

Many eagle-eyed people noticed something drop near, or from, Clinton's trouser leg in video footage before she was helped into the waiting car.

Some users questioned if it was health related while others joked she could be a robot.

Another user pointed out the object which dropped was actually part of her glasses.

It wouldn't be the first time Clinton has been at the centre of a conspiracy theory or two.

In August a photo of a Secret Service agent standing beside Hillary Clinton holding an unidentifiable cylindrical object sent the internet into a spin.

Some social media users speculated the agent was holding an autoinjector containing Diazepam, a muscle-relaxant drug used to treat seizures and anxiety.

However that theory was quickly debunked after Secret Service spokeswoman Nicole Mainor confirmed that the object was actually a flashlight.

More recently, Trump fans leapt on the conspiracy theory that Clinton was wearing an earpiece during a televised showdown between the candidates.

Trump and Clinton appeared at the "Commander-in-Chief Forum" on NBC last week.

However Trump fans were apparently more interested in pointing at Clinton's left ear, with Donald Jr himself even sharing a story implying Clinton was fed answers through an earpiece.

A Clinton spokesman later said the alleged earpiece was actually a reflection of the TV lights or a flash.