Police say a naked man shouting about presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump jumped off the back of a large grandstand in Times Square around 8am today (local time).

The incident brought the popular tourist area to a standstill this morning, when the 21-year-old Columbia University student Krit McClean started screaming from the ledge.

He was reportedly yelling: "Donald Trump, where are you? Donald Trump, where the f**k are you?"

According to The New York Post, he screamed: "I love fashion, it's taught me so much!"


During his time on the ledge, which lasted about an hour, McClean also declared he was "mother earth", and a virgin.

Police, who tried to talk McClean down, say he jumped and missed an emergency air bag set up by paramedics.

He survived the 4 meter drop, sustaining a cut to his elbow.

Officials said he will undergo psychiatric evaluation.

- Herald online, news.com.au