A raccoon's night-time caper led to nearly 39,000 electricity customers in 12 suburbs losing power after it entered a Seattle, Washington, substation.

The city's electric company, Seattle City Light, confirmed on Twitter that "an animal entered one of our substations causing this most recent outage" with social media users sharing images of the apparent culprit.

During its visit, there were 13 separate system outages.

For at least two hours, households were left without power until it was restored for the majority of households and shortly after 5am local time, power was restored to all.


One witness, Jeff Pierce, told Kiro7 that he heard an explosion and later saw workers attempting to get a "dazed raccoon" which he believed had been electrocuted inside the substation to "move on".

Although the workers informed Pierce, who lives close to the substation, that the raccoon caused the power cut, the company said they found the burnt remains of another raccoon and suggested that the one people saw was another.

But elsewhere it was reported that there was only one raccoon which had survived its ordeal.