A game that allows players to kill indigenous Australian characters has sparked outrage, with thousands calling for it to be banned.

Survival Island 3: Australia has come under fire after screenshots showing players pointing a bow and arrow at two men holding spears were discovered.

The mobile game, which can be played on iPhones or Android phones, includes a large warning reading "Beware of Aborigines".

Other pictures taken from the game show a player bludgeoning an "Aborigine" with two sticks then standing over the downed body.


Outraged people began calling for the game to be banned on Friday and a petition for the game to be removed from online stores had 10,000 signatures by Saturday morning.

Toby Adams, programme co-ordinator for the Stronger Smarter Institute, which tries to better indigenous education, said it is no surprise that many Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous people found the game offensive.

"We need to use this opportunity to open a conversation with the game developer and people that support the game to educate them about why the messages and images promoted in it are not only wrong and irresponsible but also damaging.

"We must understand the destructive consequences a game like this has on our communities and on our country."

The game is advertised as a test of survival in "one of the most dangerous places in the world".

The Aboriginal community voiced their outrage on social media after hearing of the game's contents.

"It's disgraceful - I'm really ashamed to say I'm from Australia right now," indigenous man Troy Adams told Daily Mail Australia. "And it's disgraceful Apple would allow it to be sold."

"They have got to be kidding ... A game that involves killing blackfullas has to be challenged wholesale by everyone," Malcolm Pearce wrote.

- Daily Mail