The young French woman, who appealed for help online to find the man she says got her pregnant on the last night of a three month trip to Australia, has defended herself against online skeptics.

Natalie Amyot, from Paris, has returned to the Mooloolaba on Queensland's Sunshine Coast where she said she spent "a beautiful night" with a "really cute" man she fell instantly in love with.

The 26-year-old brunette posted a video onto Facebook and YouTube claiming she had returned home only to discover six weeks later she was pregnant following their one night stand.

But her love story immediately drew skepticism from many viewers, with some questioning on social media why the lovestruck woman didn't know more about the mystery man - like his name.


On Tuesday night, she appeared to have second thoughts about whether the man will see her again after her video grabbed global headlines.

"I'm shaking now I'm in crying now......what if he doesn't want to see me now, maybe he is shy.... am so lonely right now [sic]," she tearfully wrote on Facebook on Tuesday night.

"Please .i didn't think it would be on news...i just want to see him again...sorry..i have nothing left if i don't find him ill go home...i just want to see ..if he says no then that wrong? [sic]."

Several people have taken to social media demanding for the man's name but Ms Amyot has yet to answer her critics despite claiming in the video she had his number saved in her phone but lost it.

Hundreds of keen helpers have expressed their concerns and support online while others have questioned Ms Amyot whether her story is genuine or just an elaborate hoax.

But she has hit back at critics, saying: 'If you don't want to help or are rude please just go back to you lives and don't judge me [sic].

"I said if he isn't interested ill go home and that is it....can i not try though? why is that so bad," she wrote in her latest post.

"Am sorry if i have upset anyone doing this...i am just going to go on esplanade tommorw and every day and see...i don't want to go not tv as he will scare by lost here."


This comes after she uploaded a video, claiming she has no family of her own and implored people to help her track down the father of her unborn child.

The video starts with her sitting on a stretch of grass by Mooloolaba beach and speaking as someone films her.

"Hello I am Natalie and I'm from France and today I am making this video because I need your help," she says.

"Three months ago I came to Mooloolaba, I had an amazing time, I met amazing people. On the last night we had a party.

"I met a really cute guy. For me it was love at first sight. And we had a beautiful night."

Ms Amyot said she met the man at O'Malleys Irish bar in Mooloolaba and then they went on to the nearby Wharf Tavern before spending the night together.

"On the next morning I flew home to Paris and I lost my phone with his number on it, so I have no way to contact him.

Six weeks later I found out that I am pregnant. So I have come back here and to try and find him.

"I have no family of my own. Please, please help me. Share this video, show your friends and hopefully he will receive this.

"I've started a Facebook page, so if anyone has anything please contact me on Facebook. Thank you so much.'

The mystery man is described as being 183 centimetres tall, with blue eyes, blond hair and a tan.

On the Facebook page, Ms Amyot gave her description of the man, which one person said probably matched half the population of the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Amyot responded, "I know...that's why I spent my last money flying back here to find him."

She said it was okay if the man "doesn't want to know" about being the father of her baby, sbut that she had to give it a try.

On her Facebook, she wrote in French: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved" and thanked people who posted comments, saying "your support and help has made me cry x x x".

- Daily Mail Australia