A woman brutally bashed by her husband with a gun turned to Facebook for help after he pulled the phone out of the wall to stop her calling police.

After the beating on Monday Kentucky woman Susann Stacy realised her cellphone had no service but was still connected to the internet.

She took a photograph of herself covered in blood and posted it to her Facebook page with the caption: "Help ... please anyone".

One of her friends saw the post and called the Leslie County police.


When officers got to the house they found Mrs Stacy with several lacerations to her head and her hair matted with blood.

She told them that her husband Donnie Stacy had hit her repeatedly with a gun after overhearing her on the phone with another man.

Stacy was not at the property when police arrived, but officers found him nearby. He was arrested and charged with assault.

They found the handgun he used to beat his wife under a tyre swing that the couple's son plays on, the Daily Mail reported.

Leslie County police believe the post may have saved Mrs Stacy's life.

Leslie County Sheriff's Deputy Sam Mullins, who responded to the incident, said when he arrived at the home that he knew immediately something was not right. "A lot of people depend on wifi. They have smartphones, computers.

"They do not have land lines but they do have internet," he said.

Mrs Stacy told local media she planned to file for an emergency protective order against her husband.

After her ordeal Mrs Stacy posted on Facebook. "A statement about the events of Monday. I posted a picture via wifi because it was my ONLY way to seek help. I didn't have a phone to call on ... no cell service ... just wifi. I just wanted help ... to not die in a pool of my own blood [on] my kitchen floor. I am thankful for all the help ... care ... concern ... and humanity shown to me. There are so many negative statements being made ... along with positive ones ... following the news stories. To each their own. Time to find that more better forever. Blessings."