A 'spoilt, jealous mummy's boy' who throttled his model girlfriend before his parents tried to cover it up smashed his victim's head against a table in the 24 hours before he murdered her, it was revealed today.

Newly released CCTV shows the moment controlling Elliot Turner, 20, attacked New Zealander Emily Longley, 17, in a packed Bournemouth bar on the night before he strangled her.

In a fit of rage the killer is then seen flinging a glass across the room while Emily's friends console her on the evening before she was choked to death in his bedroom.

A new documentary, to be broadcast tonight in the UK, also contains the 999 call his mother made 40 minutes after Emily was found dead, which was a devious attempt to conceal her son's crime.


Anita Turner, 51, tried to claim that Miss Longley, may have been choked by a tight necklace, but in fact her child had gone 'absolutely nuts' and killed her in his bedroom.

His father Leigh destroyed a letter his son wrote confessing to the crime.

Turner's friends have spoken of his paranoia before he killed his girlfriend in May 2011, after a month where he became increasingly paranoid that she was seeing other men.

Audio of the call to emergency services:

On 'Mummy's Little Murderer' broadcast on Channel Five in the UK, Turner is shown as a maniac intent on killing her.

Emily's father Mark told The Sun: 'It is horrifying to think someone put their arm around our daughter's neck and literally choked the life out of her.

'To think someone could put their hands on Emily, who would never hurt anyone, and do such a violent act to her, was awful.'

he murderer had enjoyed a privileged life where his parents denied him nothing.

Turner had been educated at a £12,000 private school, and as an adult would carry up to £1,000 cash on him to 'show off'.

He also spent nights out in Bournemouth bars with his friends, who he called 'The Firm', drinking champagne and trying to seduce women.

His parents were so wealthy they even paid £30,000 to send him to the Priory for rehab after he became addicted to cocaine and alcohol.

After spending huge sums impressing women he met Emily, and considered her a 'trophy', his murder trial heard.

But the model received admiring glances from other men and Turner could not cope, sending him spiralling into fits of rage.

During their four-month relationship it later emerged he had bullied and physically abused her, before threatening to kill her and other men who knew her in a series of texts and emails.

In one note written by Emily to him said: 'I love you but don't say you'll kill me. You make me scared'.

CCTV also reveals on one occasion he took a hammer into a nightclub to threaten another man he believed was attracted to his girlfriend.

After he killed her Turner claimed that Emily had died in her sleep and his parents backed him up. A post-mortem was inconclusive and the 20-year-old was not charged.

But police were suspicious and bugged his house, and his parents were heard discussing the conspiracy.

Elliot said he 'lost it' that night and his mother said: 'We've done the right thing'. His father then said: 'Stop denying it. He f****** strangled her'.

He was then arrested and Turner then claimed during the trial he acted in self-defence when Emily attacked him and he grabbed her by the throat for five or six seconds and he then woke up to find her dead in his bed.

But the jury did not believe him and he was jailed for 20 years in May 2012.

His arrogance was such that even his own defence lawyer was forced to describe him as 'brash, flash, boastful, spoilt, volatile, obsessive, possessive and obsessed'. He will serve a minimum of 16 years.

His parents Leigh, 56, and Anita, 53, were jailed for 27 months, and were both released in September.

- Daily Mail