Forestry planting- 2020 winter

We are seeking a further 30 competent/experienced forestry planters beginning mid May for a five+ month planting season. Locations around Whanganui, Napier, Masterton area. Planting Pine, Manuka, Redwood.

Things you need to know-

We drug test. A very high level of fitness is required; applicants must be able to run 10k in 50 minutes and run from the base of the Durie Hill steps to the top of the Memorial Tower (a 100 meter climb) and back in 9.5 minutes. If it rains or snows, we work in it. We will drug test. You will need a sense of humour. No serious criminal convictions or gang associations accepted. Preference given for experience however someone with a good attitude will be considered.


And we drug test.

Out of town jobs involves staying on site for a two week on / five day off cycle as part of a Covid19 protocol. Forest planting is hard, but it pays well.

Forestry silviculture crews

We have vacancies for Thinners and Pruners at various locations after the planting season. Appropriate forestry modules and/or experience required.

Scrubcutting Crews

Plenty on this summer ahead, farm land and forestry prep. Various locations, mostly staying on site. Same rules on drugs and fitness

If you are keen then send a brief CV to- or call 0274443440