We were delighted to see our patron, Thelma Good, at our belated annual general meeting on Sunday, July 5. We normally hold our AGM in April but the Covid-19 lockdown didn't allow that to happen, hence the later timing of the event.

Our primary business was the re-election of officers for the 2020-2021 year, made straightforward by nobody standing against the incumbents; therefore, Beverley Pearce remains our esteemed president and Cathy Gribble continues her conscientious work as our secretary. Unfortunately, our treasurer Justin Mulligan resigned his post for reasons of his health but Anne Paynter, an experienced administrator, agreed to accept the responsibility of treasurer. Thank you Anne.

Anne and husband Don have recently relocated to Whanganui to be near family and are already proving to be valuable additions to our theatre community. Together they have extensive experience of theatre administration, wardrobe, building maintenance, lighting and stage work.

The other members of the committee are Chris Stedman, Pat McKenna, Reuben Janes, Justin Mulligan, April Pearson, Lynda Simmons and myself. Ex officio committee members are Bridget Hurley who manages our Facebook page and Dee Brough who employs her considerable skills managing our website.


The afternoon concluded with bouquets and a convivial afternoon tea. What's not to love?