Fluid intake was looking vital as the speed version of hockey got way at the Downer New Zealand Masters Games today.

Six-a-side hockey uses half field with no specialist goalkeepers for 40 minutes of action.

In warm conditions, the first round of games were being played at the Whanganui Collegiate turf, before they shift tomorrow to Gonville Domain in a soft opening for what is now known as McDonald's Stadium.

Hockey Wanganui had planned a proper opening to the turf, which has been revamped, on Thursday, but this is now delayed until March.


For the NZMG tournament, there are 22 teams in five divisions – two of them male and two female, with combinations also competing in the mixed grade.

They play through till 8pm tonight and will do again tomorrow, with the medal ceremony on Sunday at 4pm.

Raylene Treder and Kirsty Parsons contest the ball.
Raylene Treder and Kirsty Parsons contest the ball.