Coming into 2019, some Whanganui families or clubs may have sports equipment they have outgrown or no longer use, and Sport Whanganui is eager to continue the successful start to the recycling campaign to benefit local schoolchildren.

In early December, 140 individual pieces of sports gear were donated to four schools in the region as part of the 'Replay' campaign.

Replay is a community initiative created in 2017 by Palmerston North mother and sports enthusiast Denise Mclean.

Having a clean out at her house, Mclean decided to take all the sports gear from her garage and pass it on to local children who may not be able to access such equipment themselves.


"Every year, people get new pieces of sports gear for Christmas and birthday presents," said the Sport Whanganui press release.

"The gear they used to use is often thrown in the shed or garage and forgotten about.

"This equipment may never be used again, but if donated we could give it to a child who could use it every day.

"Just one ball allows several kids to play and have fun together, learn new skills and develop a lifelong love of being active."

Sport Whanganui said for many kids, having more gear available leads to more enjoyment and greater participation in sports.

"Replay allows children to use equipment not only at school but at home in the weekends and during the school holidays."

Mitre 10 Mega Wanganui is sponsor of the campaign, offering space to store and organise the collected gear.

There is now a Replay bin at Hunting & Fishing Whanganui, along with Rebel Sport, Pita Pit, Marton New World and the Sport Whanganui offices.


The public can bring any reusuable sports gear, new or old, and place them in those bins.

Once the bins are full, Mclean will collect the equipment and clean it before it is packaged and delivered to primary school children around the area.

"Replay are always looking for new locations to place bins and would love your support, together we can connect sports gear with local kids – and recycling is great for our environment too," said the press release.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the community initiative or would like to receive sports gear can visit the Replay website at, or email Sport Whanganui's community sport manager Jodie Brunger at