From prams, to bikes and skates, the Raise the Velo Roof team are inviting everyone to the Whanganui Velodrome on December 9 for a special 'Let's Get Active' fun day.

Looking to promote the velodrome as a multi-purpose facility as well as having a recreation event early in the summer season, there will be a range of activities available to try.

Spokesman Ron Cheatley said the event is based on similar activities held at the Cambridge track.

"It's a family day to cycle the velodrome and all the things that can take place there.


"A good cycle fun day."

There will be a walkers event to start the afternoon, which Cheatley said is perfect for prams, as many new mothers take their little ones on laps of the track in Cambridge.

Following that will be a Balance Bikes ride around a specially designed course, which children from seven on upwards might like to do.

After that is Velo X — a mountain bike style obstacle course up and down the various parts of the velodrome.

There will be a skaters event, followed by trikes on display which can be ridden, including by the disabled.

Track cycling and skating demonstration racing will then be done by regular competitors.

The event starts at 2pm on Sunday, December 9.

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