The absence of entries to some of the most popular team sports at this year's NZ Masters Games was being keenly felt around the former hub at Springvale at the weekend.

Previously the site of tent city headquarters for the entire event, until the decision to move this year's base into the War Memorial Centre, Sunday was much quieter than previous events as the touch rugby module, which was scheduled to run for two days on the Springvale fields, was able to finish their entire programme on the Saturday through smaller numbers.

It was a similar issue inside Springvale Stadium yesterday as the finals of the various grades were underway early in the afternoon, therefore likewise finishing 24 hours early as the venue was booked through until today.

Basketball organiser Helen Puhipuhi said they were down to 13 teams from the 18 who took part in 2015.


"Some have chosen to go the World [Masters instead].

"We actually lowered a grade to 30+ from 35+, but yeah [there's less]."

While playing a round of matches, Wellington's Morehu won the 30+ women's grade and the Flyers from Waikato and Whakatane were the one team in their women's 40+ grade.

The 30+ men's grade medals were for the Nut Club from Stratford.

In the divisions with some team depth, the 45+ women's title was won by Orsum (Auckland), with the runnersup being Kanhakits (Taranaki), followed by Femme Fatale (Wellington).

The main men's finals were held in the afternoon.

In the 45+ men grade, third place was RSB50, a Tauranga team with friends from Rotorua and Hawke's Bay.

The final was between locals Station United and Waitakere, who included former Tall Black Brendon Pongia among their ranks.

The Aucklanders took the match 51-27.

In the 40+ final to end the programme, the Regulators (Palmerston North) took on Whanganui High School Old Boys, and were comfortable winners 60-18.