Jake's farewell journey

From leaving his mum's house, the thank-yous are:

To the driver of the white car at Duncan St roundabout letting us all go through as one;

To the guy with his pushbike at the shopping centre standing still (as we were told to do - thanks, grandpa) with helmet over his heart;


To the drivers of vehicles on to Cooks Gardens, who also allowed us through and to the Whanganui City Council and staff for giving up their car parks and instructing the meter wardens to "stay away";

To Harrison HireMaster for the discounted marquee; to the rugby clubs of Wanganui and Waverley - "She's a great game";

To Jake's and family friends, some of whom travelled from far, to those in town who came and visited Jake;

To the people and drivers from Aramoho who - "not another bloody funeral" - still pulled over, and the lady in the black car who passed one car then realised and pulled over herself; those who didn't (someone will teach you why);

To Marist for opening their clubrooms for that send-off;

Lastly to James and Fleur from Dempsey & Forrest for their at-home, Cooks Gardens and crematorium professionalism and outstanding service in "all" weathers.

To the people of Wanganui who woke up today to read this: love your kids, kids love your parents, all be kind to each other, love this city of ours.

Remember, "It takes a funeral to be humble and a hero."


Gwynne Dyer's CV

In reply to K A Benfell's letter of October 17:

Gwynne Dyer is much more than a journalist. I will quote from the blurb in his book on Middle East affairs ...

"Gwynne Dyer has served in the Canadian, British and American navies. He holds a PhD in Middle Eastern history from the University of London, has taught at Sandhurst and served on the board of governors of Canada's Royal Military College. Dyer writes a syndicated column that appears in more than 175 newspapers around the world."

I am very grateful that Gwynne Dyer's column is a regular item in our local paper. I always read it and am glad that I did.

That his writing is valued in so many countries around the world gives me confidence that his opinion and knowledge are trustworthy.

If K A Benfell does not like the syndicated opinion pieces from Gwynne Dyer, well he doesn't have to read them if he doesn't like the author's style.


Trump's good deeds

Obviously, K Benfell (letters, October 17) admires Donald Trump and his policies, disapproves of mainstream journalists who merely report the facts, and wants column inches of this newspaper devoted to articles praising the great work Trump is doing.

So, for Mr Benfell's benefit, I will list all of President Trump's virtues and good deeds:
1. Errr ...
2. Umm ...
3. Anything at all?
4. Kore? Ngana ano.
5. Ahhh ... um ... oh darn!

I'm sorry, I just can't find anything good he has done. He hasn't even given those billionaires who finangled him into the White House their promised tax cuts yet.


Rowing while it's blowing

Sorry, I must have got the wrong day!

The report on the Tonks Small Boats Race last Sunday (Wanganui Chronicle, October 17) indicated that "after months of wind and rain the rowing fraternity finally had a beautiful Sunday to go racing" ... or words to that effect.

Was the reporter standing next to the Wanganui Chronicle photographer - who, incidentally, is from Lancashire - who was seriously challenged in holding his camera steady because of the strong crosswinds?

In addition, a seasoned master oarsman remarked that the racing conditions were so "testing" due to the crosswinds and water chop that he only managed six "good strokes" during the entire 6km race.

Nevertheless, yes, great to note the early season performance of young Aramoho-Whanganui sculler Levi Carroll. His high prognostic percentage indicates that, with a full season's training ahead, he will only improve on that.

So, just because the "sun is shining" it does not necessarily indicate that it's "jolly boating weather" ... I can assure you of that. Easy oar!


User pays

Bravo, councillors David Bennett and Graeme Young.

Your assurances that neither of you will support the Wanganui District Council squandering rate payments on an arena currently used by so few is heartening.

Following the local body elections, I had hoped the incoming councillors would view spending of income from rating payments as if it was their own money. Sadly, I have not seen any sign of that.

Your continuation of what I perceive to be the expenditure of rating payments only on core council activities and the upholding of the good old-fashioned policy of "user pays" not ratepayers, will ensure both of you will have my vote at the next local body elections.