Project Marton, alongside the District Historical Society, is calling on their community to delve into the past as they mark 150 years since the naming of Marton.

The anniversary will be celebrated with a day of activities on Saturday, October 5.

Cath Ash, co-ordinator of Project Marton, said they are trying "out the box" ways to show the community about their history.

"Here in Marton we have such a concentration of history through our buildings, through our memorial park, memorials, plantings, all sorts of things through the town, and yet a lot of people aren't aware of our history and we don't celebrate our history."


They are in search of any articles, photos, artifacts or memorabilia that could be used to tell the story of Marton.

"We want to change the 150th naming of Marton into something we can celebrate, embrace and feel connected to."

Ash said they wanted the community to get involved by dressing up in outfits from their favourite era.

The Museum and Memorial Hall will be open with archives on show and there will be vintage displays on the streets.

Ash said they are working with locals and local businesses to run tours throughout the town on the celebration day to show people Marton's heritage and channel the 1869 era.

The celebrations will be held from 10am to 3pm on Saturday, October 5, at Marton Memorial Hall, Marton Museum and in the centre of town.