Marton Ladies golfer Susan Marshall is becoming very well qualified to give interviews about sinking a hole in one.

A veteran of the sport for over 50 years, ever since she left school, Marshall sank the fourth ace of her career last Wednesday.

Marshall took out her 5-wood on the sixth hole, in windy conditions for the Jeanette Beilby and Frae Ona Cup round, over 18 holes.

A Par 3 of over 100m from the ladies tee, the sixth hole has a bank going up to the green.


"I tend to lose sight of them as it goes to ground level," said Marshall yesterday.

"There's a little slope, it could have gone left in the bunker.

"I looked everywhere else [instead of the hole] first. It was quite a thrill really."

Marshall's playing partner was Ros Morrison, who coincidently writes up the Marton Ladies club results for the Whanganui Chronicle, meaning the ace was going to well known.

"They're all a lot of luck, really, depends on the bounce and all that sort of thing," Marshall said.

Her first hole in one was in Rotorua during a national tournament in the 1990's.

She then got her other two aces on Par 3 holes at the Marton course – the 12th and 3rd respectively.

"I've got No 17 [hole] to go."


Marshall used to be a regular golfer and had got her handicap well down, but now keeps her playing to one round a week, provided the weather is fair.

The veteran will continue to play for as long as she is able.

"I like the exercise - it's the whole body, the game of golf."

Marshall's ace is believed to be the ninth in the wider region this year and the first since late April.