Re the bus depot debate:

The Whanganui Intercity and Tranzit bus services and their depot are owned by a private company. Council has been working with the owners to discuss alternative sites that would offer their passengers better access to the town centre and amenities.

Council's CEO, Kym Fell, and I met with the owner of the business to discuss options some months ago. An offer is now on the table and we await their response. As this is a private business, it is up to them to decide what is best for their needs.

Council's Town Centre Regeneration Strategy identified that relocation of the bus stop would be desirable to provide a better experience for travellers and residents using this service. The Mayor, councillors and staff actively support this initiative and hope positive change will eventuate from our approach.


Chairwoman, Town Centr Regeneration Committee, Chairwoman Property and Community Services

Wonderful hospital

I felt it was time someone let the world know what a wonderful hospital we have here in Whanganui.

I have just spent 16 days there and thought: "This must be what it's like to stay in a hotel."
Twice a day a fulltime all-day cleaner comes and cleans the wards etc.

The meals are out of this world, with three types of meals to choose from and, in the one you choose, three different foods. I thought I was eating the chef's meals we see on TV.

The harmony between staff is beautiful, therefore it seemed to reflect on to the patients. I had been in two different wards; it was the same on both. The nurses and the doctors very approachable. The physiotherapist, who has to drive you a little harder, and the occupationalists as well as the ladies who bring you hot drinks and the men and boys who run you around in your beds to different sites, the x-ray department, all are wonderful.
I hope I haven't left anyone out.

But if you need hospital care I would recommend it any day.

Thank you so much, you wonderful people.



Winter Series success

What a terrific event the Blinkhorne and Carroll Whanganui Winter (water sports) Series is.
Held monthly over the Whanganui winter, this unpretentious but very professionally run, multi-sports event pits waka ama, rowing and kayaking against each other, racing on the awa in the middle of town.

This Sunday (June 9) saw over 40 boats and crews entered spanning golden oldies to school pupils and attracting entries from all the boat clubs from the port to Aramoho.

Low key the winter series may be, but it amply demonstrates what a fantastic recreational, sporting and events centre the Whanganui River is.

I hope the Whanganui District Council and the Horizons Regional Council start giving the river the attention and respect it deserves as as a priceless river park available to all to enjoy. And I hope the water sports clubs continue to lead the way in providing hugely enjoyable and highly accessible events

Member, Whanganui Outrigger Canoe Club

Whanganui's wealth

Matt Edmonds wrote a fine article on the rise from near-oblivion of Whanganui, which had become a trifle run-down with empty buildings, a situation that history tells us brings in the artists, because there is cheap living and most have low incomes.

Matt is commenting on the progress Whanganui is now making.

He recognised the improvement but not the reason. Whanganui was a lively and progressive town, but a big downturn in the farming communities economy saw a big drop in activity leading to the situation that Whanganui found itself in, thus leading to an influx of artists, not necessarily a bad thing.

They bring flavour but not wealth.

Now, of course, the farming economy is on a bit of a high and Whanganui is reaping the benefit from this wealth being created.

This wealth would have been greater if we did not have all these hectares in these soil- and soul-destroying pine trees, which has had the effect of depopulating our rural areas, not allowing us to take full benefit of this surge in wealth creation.


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