Horizons Region Council meetings will now be livestreamed in a move its Whanganui representatives say will hold councillors more accountable.

Councillors voted this week to begin livestreaming from March 26 with meetings viewable on the council's website via either Facebook or YouTube.

Both Whanganui's Horizons councillors have backed the move and say it shouldn't cost much.

David Cotton, initially against it, changed his mind after talking to Whanganui district councillors whose meetings have been livestreamed since late 2016.


"They said it made people more accountable and some had the view that it actually made them more measured in their comments, less likely to fly off the handle," he said.

"It's the way modern communication is taking place, and we shouldn't be scared of that."

Nicola Patrick said it would save people time by not having to travel to Palmerston North where the meetings are held.

She hoped the coverage was interactive and that people will interact with her - either on the video, on Facebook, by email or by phone.

"I would love more people to ask me questions."

Patrick said the council only had one camera to use and while everyone's faces may not be visible, their exchanges will be heard.

People will be able to watch live or watch later.

Neither Cotton nor Patrick thought people will be interested in everything the council discusses, and both predict take-up will initially be low, but will increase.