It was the thrill for the first time teams that made the biggest impact when the volleyball module medals were decided at the Downer New Zealand Masters Games at Jubilee Stadium today.

There were 19 teams which competed in three divisions at the games – Competitive, Social Competitive and Social Fun – which was an increase on 2017.

Co-ordinator Kevin Gray said the A Grade final was the most exciting, as X-Men Masters from Palmerston North claimed the gold medal.

The team were first time NZMG winners have have been formed for the specific purpose of going to the 2021 World Masters Games in Kansai, Japan.


Another first time gold went to the Auckland team of Yettodecide – aka Yet to Decide – in what Gray said was literally their first weekend picking up a volleyball.

There were four new teams this year to help spike the numbers.

Serious – A Grade Overall: 1. X-Men Masters (Palmerston North); 2. CHI (Auckland); 3. BOSSFC 45+ (Auckland). A Grade Under 45: 1. X-Men Masters (Auckland); 2. Low Jumpers (Whanganui). A Grade Over 45: 1. CHI (Auckland); 2. BOSSFC 45+ (Auckland).

Social Competitive – B Grade Under 45: 1. Gryphons (Nelson); 2. We Take Ugly (Palmerston North); 3. Stratford Penguin Army (Stratford). B Grade Over 45: 1. Mad Frogs (Palmerston North); 2. John Hall Juniors (Wellington, Auckland, Tasman); 3. Mad Ducks (Canterbury, Marlborough).

Social Fun – C Grade Under 45: 1. Export Gold (Whanganui); 2. Sisters & Misters (Whanganui); 3. Manvillians (Whanganui). C Grade Over 45: Yettodecide (Auckland).