THE council-endorsed 10-year plan (2018-28) states that between 2018-21 there will be the Fitzherbert Ave extension.

I understand that NZTA funding will cover 61 per cent of the projected costs. Warning: Nothing is set in stone but it is there currently.

This means that the long-awaited road construction to link Castlecliff and the Westbourne industrial zone to the city and SH3 route "will" be completed.

Barring a full list of benefits, this will mean that for the residents of North Castlecliff (yes, there are a North and a South Castlecliff), or those seeking access to the Rangiora St area, we can enter and exit the town along Fitzherbert, with Mill Rd /Manuka St being the possible preferred access point to and from our suburb? The unpleasant unsealed patch in Mill Rd will be sealed, I am told, after June 2019, as the excellent medical centre moved there after the WDC budget was set for 2018-2019.


While the road extension is clearly a nod to support the opening-up of industry using the Westbourne industrial zone, I see it as positive for the people of Whanganui, visitors and, of course, Castlecliff residents.

The road extension is essential for attracting business (and employment) and benefits the growth of Whanganui.


Judder bars?

I have recently returned home from a week's stay in Whanganui. I stayed with my parents, who live along the Fitzherbert Ave extension and have a very clear view of the new road layout on the corner of Fitzherbert Ave and Totara St.

I stood talking to the neighbour for a good half-hour; in that time not one vehicle stopped. Some did not even slow down, which I thought was one of the reasons behind the new layout. There was a steady stream of nine consecutive vehicles at one count and not one stopped. This was a range of taxis, tradies, everyday folk and even a bus!

I don't know what the solution is — maybe judder bars coming up to and exiting the corner?

I feel for their neighbours, Payton and Watson, as given time I believe they will be replacing fences again. I only hope I am proved wrong.



Humans the problem

Road deaths in New Zealand: Humans are the problem, not the roads. But don't worry, as you will soon be flying your way around and then there will be air deaths.

It's a crazy old world, so stay in bed and wrap yourself up in cotton wool and stay safe. And no hanky panky, or that will kill you.

What is safe today? Please tell me.

Foxton Beach


Danny Keenan (Chronicle, January 4) accuses William Colenso, who he calls a mission printer, who was present at the Treaty signing and who wrote a book in 1890, of making up history as he could not have remembered in such detail 50 years later.

That may be true, but it is a fair guess that he had notes from the occasions.

In Danny's last two lines he does worse; he remembers the thoughts of Māori in 1890.

We know memories can be short and altered for gain. That's why we have lawyers; they write up an agreement and the parties sign to protect from forgotten or made-up memory.

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