I've never warmed to Shane Jones, sensing an element of blather and opportunism about him, but I'm happy to get in his corner over his blast at Air New Zealand.
And it's not because he has a $6 million cheque in his pocket earmarked for port and rail development in Whanganui.
Jones delivered a fiery volley at the airline over its abrupt decision to turn its back on Kapiti, just as it did on Whanganui in 2016.
He is the Regional Economic Development Minister and, quite rightly, pointed out that Air NZ is slowly but surely deserting the regions (Kaitaia, Whakatane and Westport are among others to have been ditched) to whom an air link to the major centres is vital.
Jones was rebuked by National yesterday and accused of "economic vandalism" for leaning on an independent commercial operation. But really it is Air New Zealand which is conducting "economic vandalism".
Of course the company must operate independently of political influence but it also has a duty to its shareholders, and 52 per cent of them are we taxpayers. Do the shareholder-taxpayers of Kapiti and Whanganui think it is serving their interests? I doubt it.
In fact, experience of this company suggests it cares little for its customers per se but only for their wallets. I can't recall the last time I was in the Auckland domestic terminal and DIDN'T hear an announcement that Air New Zealand was cancelling a flight at a few minutes notice. Quite often Paraparaumu, as it happens.
Is it naive to suggest a corporate that has been dubbed our "national carrier" should strike some balance between profit and the service it offers Kiwis. Perhaps so.
Air NZ boss Christopher Luxon has delivered a hugely profitable operation and his CV will look tasty when he moves on to his next job.
Yesterday he pointed out the regions will have to rely on smaller airlines like our wonderful Air Chathams (which may yet come to the rescue of Kapiti as it did Whanganui).
So that's clear — Air NZ isn't here to serve the people of New Zealand, it's here to chase maximum profit.
Good on Jones for delivering a few home truths.