A pricing review of The Lines Company is being conducted by former Orion boss Roger Sutton.

The former CEO of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and Orion Chief executive was contacted by The Lines Company in October to conduct an independent review of their current peak demand based pricing system.

Over the last month Mr Sutton and economist Lynne Taylor have met with communty leaders and citizen groups from around the King Country to discuss raised concerns.
"We've received a lot of positive feed back from the community."

"I think alot of people do understand that its going to be more expensive that Auckland or Wellington, due to things like upkeep and seasonal load."


The current TLC pricing model has received a lot of criticism from King Country residents, Mr Sutton and his team will look at alternative systems that could be implemented.

"I'm keeping an open mind but we'll be looking at various pricing model from overseas and closer to home."

The plan is to have a draft proposal avaliable on the TLC website by February 2017 and final report done by March.

Changes to TLC's pricing system will begin in Apirl 2017 and finish in April 2018.

Mr Sutton was Chief Executive of the Canterbury lines company Orion for eight years. He was chosen to lead the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority until 2015.

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