There are treats in store for shoppers in Ridgway St today as the Flying Monkey Pre-Loved Book Emporium front window becomes a cake shop.

A joint initiative between Collective Whanganui, The Grumpy Old Men's Enterprises Trust (GOMEs), cake baker Nikki Crowe and the Cake Makers Guild has led to the temporary confection outlet.

The Depressed Pop-Up Cake Shop idea came about when Collective Whanganui coordinator Doreen Hardy and Nikki Crowe were discussing ways to fill empty spaces in the city.

"It is based on a successful American initiative but food retail premises are like hens teeth in Whanganui so we decided we could only do a pop-up version," said Mrs Hardy.


Started by Emma Thomas in 2013, the Depressed Cake Shop has become a world-wide initiative to increase awareness about mental illness and raise funds for support agencies.

Sian Overfield and Tom Sykes of the Flying Monkey offered to lend their shop front for two days, GOMEs offered to fund the ingredients and mental health peer support service Balance Whanganui was chosen as the recipient for funds raised.

"Nikki has baked cup cakes and cookies as well as whoopie pies in her A-grade kitchen and the Cake Makers Guild has provided cakes as well," said Mrs Hardy.

Collective Whanganui is funded by Whanganui and Partners to incubate and support fledgling businesses.

The sliding windows and counter top at the front of the bookshop provides a perfect outlet and Ms Overfield said she is happy to support the enterprise.

"Balance Whanganui do such good work and it is good to be able to do our bit to keep the community healthy," she said.

Balance manager Frank Bristol said his organisation is delighted to be nominated as beneficiary for the enterprise.

"You can't be healthy if you don't have mental health," he said.

"It is important for everybody to have an awareness so I'm very happy we've been chosen."
The cake shop will be open at 44 Ridgway St from 10am until 2pm Friday and Saturday.