A man who drunkenly choked his partner has been sent to prison.

William David Reweti was at home with the victim on February 11 and they were both drinking, Judge David Cameron said in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

Reweti was "intoxicated" when he walked over to where the victim was sitting at the table and grabbed her by the throat with one hand.

He told the victim "have your ex, then".


The victim was in pain but could still breathe, and told Reweti "get your hands off me".

Reweti asked why, and the victim said it was because he was choking her.

About a minute later, Reweti let go, Judge Cameron said.

At the time, he had been on bail for an assault against the same victim, which happened on January 1 in Patea.

They had been drinking and got into an argument, and Reweti pushed the victim "a number of times" in the chest. One push ended with the victim being hit in the head with an open palm. The victim suffered minor injuries to her shoulder and head.

Reweti was also facing sentence on Tuesday for an assault from July 2015. He had received an order for the offending to come up for sentence if called upon within a certain period of time. Because Reweti committed an offence within the period he was subject to the order, he had to be sentenced on the 2015 assault, which involved him pushing the same victim, causing her to fall backwards.

Reweti has pleaded guilty to two counts of assault and one count of male assaults female.

Judge Cameron sentenced him to nine months imprisonment with six months post-release conditions.