The old Waverley Town Hall in Bear St is now a home.

Waverley community stalwart Tony Sisson moved into his new home last week.

The large wooden hall built in 1908 went up for sale last year and in a fit of "mid life crisis" he bought it, Tony said.

"I had to have it."


Even though he and his wife Linda already lived in Waverley - just across the road and "down a bit" - the lure of the old building was too much for him.

"I just had to get in there and start doing things."

He bought the town hall for $65,000 in October last year. Tony said he "couldn't spend thousands on it," and turn it into a local show home but he would be making it very comfortable, cosy and attractive to live in.

In the first weeks after the sale he sat in the old hall at night in the dark and just listened to it.

"It's a wonderful old building with beautiful high windows and is built from the finest old solid woods.

"This old building has a real heart."

Tony has been working steadily on the interior.

When the Sissons moved in a week ago he had a light, bright farmhouse kitchen sorted, a lengthy lounge dining room featuring an old board-room sized table, four bedrooms, a gallery library and Tony's piece de resistance, his office set upstairs in the old projection box.

"To be honest it's a labour of love. I really love this old building and I'll never tire of doing it up."

He will tackle the exterior in a year or two and that's when the magic will really happen, he said.

"It will look truly magnificent. Like a royal mansion. People will come especially to see and admire it."