Janet Mazenier's paintings draw from her experiences of having worked within corporate workplaces for much of her life.

The artist grew up in Whanganui, started work and had her children here before moving to Wellington in 1994 to further her career in telecommunications.

"While I always had an interest in art, I wasn't able to study it at secondary school as it wasn't offered as an option, and the polytech in Whanganui in those days hadn't developed its current focus on art.

"Over the subsequent years I developed a business career primarily focusing on programme management in technology and telecommunications until about four years ago when I left the business world."


Making the decision to focus on painting, the artist travelled to France where she participated in the 100 Days Project where she did 100 oil paintings each day.

On her return to New Zealand, she enrolled at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design in Auckland and completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2015.

Mazenier's current exhibition Leveraged is showing at Depot Artspace in Devonport, Auckland, where she is artist-in-residence until April 6.

The big canvases explore the relationship between humans and the architecture of their spaces and draw from Mazenier's experiences of having worked within corporate offices.

Within the paintings are glimpses of anonymous people in motion, usually un-posed, and they explore the relationships between humans and the architecture of their spaces.

"Painting allows me to look at the world in a very direct and personal way. The process of painting is physical as it reveals the actions and fallibilities of 'me' in its results.

"I deal with the making of the image and things often emerge that weren't in the original subject."

Mazenier's Whanganui parents Ted and Maureen Downs say they are very proud of their daughter and her decision to change careers and follow her passion.