Whanganui Community Arts Centre volunteers Enid Lewin and Lidy Schouw are impressed by the clean-up and repair work being done at their premises on Taupo Quay.

The building, owned by the Wanganui Arts Council, was flooded on June 20, and Mrs Schouw said there was about 30cm of water throughout.

A week later, all the water has been drained away, most of the surfaces are clean and Wat's On Builders have replaced the floor joists.

"They couldn't get in here until Friday and they have done an amazing job" Mrs Schouw said.


"The cleaners were amazing too - they shovelled out the mud before washing everything and then they did their de-contamination work."

Mrs Lewin said the damage would have been much worse if arts council members had not moved things upstairs before the building was flooded.

"Our chairman and treasurer came in on the Saturday night and moved things up, out of reach of the water."

The arts centre building is also home to Left Bank Art Supplies (temporarily housed on the mezzanine floor above the centre), CES (temporarily housed in UCOL A Block), the Potters' Society have lost electric wheels, and some bags of clay were ruined by the flood and Senoirnet are without a venue at present.

Seniornet member Shirley Logan said members are keeping in touch via newsletters and Facebook and "just taking things a day at a time."

The Arts Council established the Community Arts Centre in 1989 to provide a venue for artists and craftspeople to exhibit and sell their work.