Prometheus Finance chief executive Phil McKinstry had a smile on his face after visiting the Delhi Village in Aramoho last Sunday.

"It is great to see what is happening there as intentional communities with cooperative neighbours are what we like to invest in and Prometheus is supporting a family there."

Delhi Village is an environmentally sustainable housing project on 12.8ha of rural land with a developed grey-water system.

The project is a cooperative where individuals can buy a site to build on in the village and share communal land for orchards, gardens, and grazing sheep and chickens.


Mr McKinstry was speaking at the Whanganui Regional Museum about socially responsible investment and how Prometheus differs from other lenders.

Prometheus link their savers' money with Kiwi borrowers, and lend only to socially and environmentally sustainable projects in New Zealand.

Mr McKinstry says borrowers need to be clear about what they hope to achieve and meet certain criteria.

"We have three pillars to our lending criteria: we like the projects we finance to be either socially, culturally or environmentally beneficial and we require that projects have a defined purpose"

Prometheus offers savings and investment accounts to people who want to see their money doing good through helping to build a sustainable and responsible world.

Mr McKinstry was discussing a world-wide trend towards socially responsible investment as part of the Whanganui Permaculture weekend.