Mischief on Guyton resumed selling coffee on Tuesday, April 28, the day New Zealand went to level 3 conditions.
"And we were prepping our food so we can offer our full website menu today [Wednesday, April 29]," says proprietor Sonya Mathias. Customers can order by text.

"I've got a cell phone dedicated to orders here at Mischief, or you can call the cafe landline and verbally place an order. So far it's working. It's been nice to have a few people for coffees and they're stoked we're back and giving it a go! It's a nice feeling.

She says they've had a few donations via the SOS Cafe voucher website.
"There have been people donate without taking vouchers just to help us out, which is so cool."
Another customer bought two coffees last Wednesday and paid for four, just to assist Mischief get back on its feet.

"This is a whole new learning curve for me: I'm old school, pen and paper, so this whole 'tech' side of things, like the website and linking it to Facebook ... I've got my girls who are tech savvy to sort that out for me and get it all up and going. It will be something that stays because the systems have to be done well. It's kind of forced me into updating."


She says people have missed having real coffee.
"There's something about having coffee made by someone else.

"I'm looking forward. Who knows what's going to happen. My staff have had to be very flexible to adjust to new systems and hours."
Sonya has managed to retain all her staff.
"It will take all of us to be able to continue. Everyone's on board."

Mischief's opening hours are currently 9am to 2pm.