"The girls are having fun aren't they?" Mike Boag said as shrieks and giggles rang out from the wardrobe next door.
We were sitting in the adjoining 'props' room surrounded by the usual strange paraphernalia one finds in such places. Mike was sitting in a rocking chair, a witch's cauldron on one side, a trident on the other while I perched on an old sea chest.

The girls were having fun. Grace Trillo and Meynell Smith were with our costumes expert, Irene Loder, going through the racks looking for special frocks for our "fashion through the ages" section of our Music Hall Variety Show for the Vintage Weekend. Most of those dresses are the genuine article, typical of their time. Some of them are stunning! Our lovely slim young models look amazing in them. They are very flattering, very feminine.
We dressed Mike up in drag but he didn't look quite as gorgeous as the girls. He's going to sing some music hall songs while Patrick McKenna (of Patrick's Bookshop) will sing a bracket of Irish songs. Both of these gentlemen are experienced in music hall entertainment and both have a great sense of fun.

I'm looking forward to it as it promises to be an evening of light hearted entertainment. We're opening the doors at 6pm when refreshments will be available, with the entertainment starting at 6.30pm. It'll be a relaxing way to round off a day of Vintage Weekend Caboodling.

Remember: Repertory Theatre, Saturday, January 18, 6.30pm.