Happiness comes now and then, we cannot be sure just when. But when it's there, enjoy each hour, because happiness has such power." — Phoebe Tomlinson

Last week I focused on courtesy as part of the rainbow of love. This week I found a time to laugh, I found a space for happiness with a special friend. Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can't help but smile. We attended a rehearsal for a show due to start here in December. I wondered about how much of a challenge putting on a show in December might be. As I sat in the darkness of the theatre I was drawn into the pantomime, drawn into the roles being played out in front of me. I realised that these actors, from very young to older, do this in order to make us happy, to bring a smile to our faces at a time when we might be a little serious about present buying and families gathering. Why a pantomime? It is a type of participatory theatre, often in rhyme, in which we the audience are expected to sing along with certain parts and shout out phrases to the performers. It was hilarious and I went home feeling quite happy. Maybe you will get tickets and find happiness at the show Cinders: the True Story. As Phoebe Tomlinson suggests in her poem about happiness, "Joy to you it will bring, even make someone else sing. What peace of mind happiness can show, making you and others glow."

My Angels encourage me that around this time of the year we should encourage happiness, which is said so eloquently in the last lines of Phoebe's poem. She wrote: "Nurture it, make it last, forget the troubles of the past. Never fear that it will go, for it could always grow and then tomorrow there it will be, for happiness can set you free."
So my friends, as Christmas craziness gallops in, remember happiness lies in good health, not in the accumulation of wealth. Happiness is found in caring for others, your dear friends, your family, Mums and Dads, sisters and brothers. Happiness is a state of mind and nowhere else have I managed to find (when I put aside the struggles and strife) such an enjoyment of life. Arohanui.